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The Art and Soul of 30a

Updated: Aug 15, 2019


30A is a mecca for the art scene in South Walton County, Fl. That's why Sandy and I decided to open an art / jewelry / gift / New Age store here. Having lived in the area for over 15 years, and having had my artwork in most of the galleries throughout that time, I knew I wanted to try and do things my way. We want to show off our local, talented artists.

Along the pathways of 30a there are tiny little villages that each have a unique vibe. There are secret spaces to visit and be inspired by. I’ll be showing you what magical places inspire me, and I’m sure Sandy is excited to show the spaces that inspire her photography work.

Until that time here are some of the artists that have their work on display at Art & Soul 30a.

Christine Ramey: Artist and Owner

Alys Beach Photography by Sandy Gross: Serendipity Photography

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